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South Orchard Studios

South Orchard Studios has gone through a number of incarnations before becoming what it is today. Our studio began in 2010 as a fun idea for the summer between three then-high school friends, Brian Paine, Caitlin Wolf, and Allan Rasmussen. After two years and two unfinished projects (Last Adventure in 2010 a (Author Adventure in 2011), we finally came to grips with the fact that Making Video Games is Hard Work. In 2013 under the name Tropic Tundra Games, we finally released our first commercial game, Dynasty of Dusk. The game was a modest success on Xbox Live Indie Games and Amazon, and has pushed us to work on our next, more ambitious project.

After a year and a half of brainstorming, writing, re-writing, debating, and tinkering, South Orchard Studios is proud to announce The Neural Network, an adventure role-playing story that puts players in the shoes of Mason Matthews, a man accused of terrorism after unwittingly shutting down the integral social networking service of the future. The Neural Network is set to be on September 18th PC.