The Artist formerly known as Tropic Tundra Games.

We have decided to re-brand ourselves as South Orchard Studios. A name change doesn't change anything about us as developers, it mostly just means that we had to pay for a new web domain.

To elaborate slightly, Allan, Caitlin, and I mutually agreed that we needed a new name, and before publicly announcing The Neural Network was the right time to change it. The decision boiled down to being generally unsatisfied by the Tropic Tundra moniker. Frankly, it did not flow very well, it did not sound professional, and it did not represent our company as a whole.

South Orchard Studios is meant to be fresh, and, depending on how well The Neural Network sells, the SOS acronym may not be too far off. And we like the idea of having a silhouetted apple tree in our logo. 

Anyway, as of right now we do not have a full logo, but once it is complete we will add to this page and broadcast to the world our new found name.