The QA Delay

Hey All, a quick, sad (but in the end - positive!) update on The Neural Network.

While the original release was set for today (September 18th), the folks here at South Orchard have decided that, in order to release the best product possible, we are going to delay The Neural Network a bit.

There are numerous reasons for this delay, but the main reason is simply spending more time polishing the dialogue and the level design to make The Neural Network as good as it can possibly be. 

It should be noted that another reason for the delay is a general lack of momentum leading up to this release. While hundreds of emails and demos were released to press, we received very little feedback (either positive or negative) on the game itself. This means that we do not have a substantial audience waiting on pins and needles for September 18th, giving us freedom to not be tied to this release. Perhaps more importantly, however, is this also tells us that we need a new marketing strategy to build momentum and make The Neural Network the biggest launch we possibly can. We still have some learning to do!

As for a new release date.... well....

We are going to take time to finish polishing the game. The problem now is two-fold - all of the team at South Orchard are in school, limiting our time. Also, Fall is a terrible time to release an indie game, especially without much momentum, given the massive amount of AAA games releasing around this time of the year. Releasing The Neural Network in October or early November is likely suicide. Releasing in early December is an option, though our sales could be cannibalized by the Steam Holiday sale.

This is all to say we are not sure when the game will be released. When we feel comfortable with an official release date, we will let you folks know!