New South Orchard Studios Logo

As we begin ramping up to the eventual (we promise!) release of The Neural Network we are putting bows on all the little things that need to be set up before we release a game with a huge media push. One of these tasks was redesigning, or actually designing, our game studio’s logo.

Without further ado, here is the new artwork representing the South orchard Studios brand:

Pretty cool, right? Caitlin threw this together after months of trying to figure out what we want our logo to look like while also keeping the design within the scope of our abilities. The simplicity of this design represents a lot of what we stand for at SoS: keep it simple, trim the fat, and make it elegant.

For those who are curious, we did go through a number of other preliminary designs. Here are some of those that barely made it, and those that were so awful we had to share them!

Programmer’s Playlist

Something I wanted to add at the end of all my posts is a brief update/recommendation for music that I am listening to while working on the game. Not comprehensive or game-related enough to serve as their own post, but I want to shout out great new singles or albums that have caught my attention.

This week it’s the new record from Tame Impala which is now available to stream via NPR Music. Tame Impala are a psychedelic rock band who gained a large following in the lead up to their sophomore album Lonerism. This album garnered critical acclaim but was not really to my liking - a bit too much of a throw back to 80s rock for my taste. However, their third record Currents, set to be released on July 17th, offers an even more experimental sound with refined and focused writing that create a more coherent, fulfilling, and thought provoking record. That being said, the music is so smooth that you can easily play it in the background and focus on the more important things, like finishing your video game!

Until next time, have a wonderful week!