A Change of Plans

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, or Whenever You're Reading This!

For the past six years I have been an entrepreneur, focused on creating my own sustainable business with the goal of expanding my knowledge by getting experience in fields I had no prior history with. What began as learning the very basics of programming turned into developing skills in networking, marketing, source control, collaboration, agile development, tech support, and a dozen other skills I use on a daily basis professionally to this day.

The title of this post is "A Change of Plans" which is a misnomer - this is more of an announcement of a "return to plans". For the past few years I was working on The Neural Network with two of my good friends. Collectively we decided that we had lost interest in working on the project, in large part due to the story we had settled on four years ago no longer resonated as a tale we felt passionate about telling.

Since then I was hired as a full time game developer, which was one of the goals I initially set out when starting my own independent game development studio. However, now I am seeking a change in career. Professionally, I wish to transition from a Developer to an Analyst, focusing on the culmination and assessment of data and discovering how that information can be used to better the world we live in today.

To that end I am changing South Orchard Studios' purpose. SOS is no longer an independent game development house, but instead a general software firm. I want to use this company and this website as a distribution platform for my continued learning in the field of analytics.

All that being said, I still love developing games, and I will likely continue making games, and will continue to release them under the South Orchard Studios name. This is not the end of my game development career, but a shift to a new, more exciting chapter in my professional life.

Thank you all, and I cannot wait to show you what I have coming up next!
Brian Paine
Founder, CEO South Orchard Studios