The Neural Network is an adventure role-playing story.

Enter a world where social networking has been embedded into the deepest aspects of everyday life. Everyone across the solar system is permanently plugged-in to Neuro, the future of social networks that informs friends and strangers alike of your favorite movie, where you spend your time, the article you read last night... and what you’re thinking right now. For billions, Neuro is more than just a place to share thoughts – it’s a fact of life.

Mason Matthews is one of those billions, a freelance courier who spends his days delivering packages throughout the solar system. But everything changes after Matthews makes a seemingly-routine delivery to Neuro’s headquarters, unwittingly aiding a terrorist plot to bring down Neuro and disrupt life as usual for the entire human race! Now Matthews, accused of being involved in the attack, must travel the solar system, recruit allies, and solve puzzles to clear his name and discover who is truly behind the heinous act.